Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bust out big snowboard style airs flying out of bowls or launch ramps! Boards and Shoes can only be made from kits you buy for $75 and self install into your own board and shoes. Requires power tools and the knowledge of how to use them- safely!

Write to inquire to see free instructions and see if it's something you can manage. Was selling before as actual shoes and boards but got to be too expensive to keep the price down enough, especially with shipping.

Almost every skater has extra beat boards laying around and maybe some shoes to sacrifice drilling some holes in though, yeah? So if you got those along with some tools and special drill bits and an adult to help you out with making then go for it! Difficulty is a bit high though and I do recommend seeing the instructions first before getting. These I send out free in the form of pictures with explanations.

Click here to write me.